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Gunsmoke: 100 Years After Vash

Gunsmoke is based in the anime and manga Trigun. It takes place a hundred years in the future of the series. Major cities like LR and New July are now 1920's in technology and socially. Outer smaller towns are still wild west style however. The Earth Police also have a law presence. They are trying to get the outer towns to be under their control.

Vash has his own folklore now, a hundred years later after the world believed he vanished. While some version of his stories show him as a menace, they are shadowed by the great "Robin Hood" type tales of his adventures.

There was a celebration in the outskirt town of April Showers. It was on the day they signed treaties with the Earth Police, but then, something went horribly wrong. That is where this game begins.

In this game you can choose your alliance to be; Gangster, Outlaw, Citizen, Earth Police, Outskirts (Western Towns), Backlands (Outcasts), and Seeds.

It runs on the dice rolling system of World of Darkness. I'm willing to help people fill out the form for it.
Its a really easy dice system!

Here is the beginning post:

Read the first post and see if you are interested. We so far have four players.

Our main board is here:
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