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Spero Academy is a multifandom RP that is on LJ. I would really love to see some Trigun members (especially Wolfwood), anyone else for that matter. Due to our need for members I'm cross-posting in several communities but I'm LJ-cutting it to save people's friends page. I apologize if this ends up spamming your friends page.

No matter how bright the light is, darkness is always there to bring us back to reality.

No matter how hard you try to think of the good things in life, the bad things always seem to outweigh them. Stealing, Murdering, Kidnapping, Terrorism. All these things happen everyday, and no one bats an eye. They learn to accept it, because as people, we learn to adapt.

What happens when you are sick of adapting? When you are tired of seeing the world the way it is? You decide then and there, its time for a change. We’ve all been there before. A change. But, what are you suppose to do when you have the weight of the world on your shoulders?

You plant your feet.


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